Catherine Marshall

Catherine Marshall


Catherine Marshall LeSourd was born Sarah Catherine Wood September 21, 1914 in Johnson City, TN. Her parents were John Ambrose Wood and Leonora Whitaker Wood. Catherine graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Agnes Scott College in Decatur, GA. In 1936, she married Reverend Peter Marshall and five years later the couple moved to Washington, DC. The Rev. Marshall was pastor of New York Avenue Presbyterian Church and chaplain of the United States Senate from 1947 until his death in 1949.

After Peter’s death Catherine compiled a book of his sermons, Mr. Jones, Meet the Master. She published A Man Called Peter in 1951. The film based on it was released by Twentieth Century Fox in 1955 and was the studio’s biggest hit that year.


3 Responses to Catherine Marshall

  1. Sophie says:

    A Man Called Peter was a great movie. Have not read the book, yet. The book “Julie” Was absolutely fabulous and incredibly enjoyable. I wish more people would enjoy honesty and faith in what they read and feel. God Bless everyone.

  2. Laura Hyden says:

    I love the book Christy and read it every year. In my book, the collector’s edition, there are notes that Catherine Marshall thought she might include in the story but never did. They would make a fantastic sequel to the story since they follow Christy and the Doctor’s life after typhoid. I sincerely wish someone would write a sequel to this story and stay within the spirit of the first book. After all, the sequel to “Gone With the Wind” was written by another author, and it was just as wonderful as the first book (in my opinion, of course). Every time I read Christy, I am left longing for more of her story, even if it would be fictional (since she didn’t actually marry a doctor in real life).

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