Cast & Crew

Ben Pentanld portrayed by Chelsie Ross. Photo courtesy of ChristyFest.

Ben Pentanld portrayed by Chelsie Ross. Photo courtesy of ChristyFest.


Jeb Spencer portrayed by Bruce McKinnon. Photo courtesy of ChristyFest.


Jeb sings at the threshing bee. Photo courtesy of ChristyFest.


Jeb Spencer working his bees. Photo courtesy of ChristyFest.


Jeb ‘n Failight, portrayed by Tess Harper. Photo courtesy of ChristyFest.


“It’s El Pano!!!” Jeb makes his first phone call. Photo courtesy of ChristyFest.


Uncle Bogg, Frank Hoyt Taylor and Jeb, Bruce McKinnon listen intently to the Preacher. Photo courtesy of ChristyFest.


Bob Allen, as portrayed by Buck Ford. Photo courtesy of ChristyFest.


Bob Allen, Rob Allen and Ben Pentland in a postal delivery scene.


Christy, Kellie Martin and Bob Allen, Buck Ford. Photo courtesy of ChristyFest.

cowboys Christypraying


7 Responses to Cast & Crew

  1. Sophie says:

    I could truely go on and on about how I LOVE the series Christy and all of the cast members. I play it over and over again on the DVD I bought. The 3 part series years later, was not as good, probably because I was so used to the original cast, but , non the less enjoyable. God love everyone and remember “Perfection is left to God”. Sophie

  2. Annie says:

    Aaaaw! Seeing these pics brings back such awesome memories of watching the show! Sophie, I agree with you that the three movies were not quite as outstanding as the show, but nevertheless great! 🙂 Can someone please tell me who all is in the second to last picture? Thanks! CHRISTY FOREVER!!!!! 🙂

  3. Lane Batot says:

    Hey thar, ah jiss lookt ontah this yere thang, an ah wuz MOSS upsetted that NOT WUN SANGUL PIKTYORE of mah Catahoula hoo dunn playd “Buener” inn that thar show wuz shoan. Yooz gotta FIX that, now, fer shore……(Anyone unfamiliar with hillbilly dialect should hit the “Southern Highland Translation” key on their computer to translate the above message….)…L.B.

    • grammyjj says:

      Mr. Lane, aka Tarzan, aka Bigfoot imposter – iffn you’d send me a piktur of your hound – I’d gladly put it up here. I, personally love all critters – more than some folks, and wud LOVE nuthin more than to have pikturs & STORIES about them on this here site. BUT SOMEONE (not naming any names…) hasn’t been too cooperative up to this point…hmmmm. Maybe we can change that??

  4. Lane Batot says:

    Ah’ll havta see ’bout that–butt ah’s gonna bee gawn frum wirk fer for dayz(and therefore near no computers), so’s ah’ll git bak wid yoo’unz win ah gits bak…….L.B.

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