Baskets, Poems and Naturalist…Bill


If you haven’t met Bill Alexander yet at Christy Fest, our resident nature lover/basket maker, you’re in for a treat! Not only is he the Grand Master of bark baskets, he is also a poet, philosopher and a protector of the Great Smoky Mountains…and I might add, an actor! He pitched in to help in an episode of Christy as an extra…the beard and overalls made him fit right in.

He wrote a poem for the Christy folks a while back. Of it he says:

I got the idea for this on a trail (A specific trail) while hiking and there was trash and I began to pick it up. I found an old umbrella cover that had been blown off its frame and made a bag out of it to hold the trash as my pockets were full. I got to thinking about the old saying… “take only memories or pictures and leave our footprints.” There was talk at supper two nights before I wrote this about ghosts and I got to thinking about how like on the beach, footprints in the sand disappear and “A Ghostly Track.” is the result. The Great Smoky Mountains are a special place in our great land and I have a special place in the Christy story. I believe that Christy would have wanted the mountains to be protected.

A Ghostly Track ©
Bill Alexander
A Trail Somewhere
August 11, 2009

Pack it in.
Pack it out.
That’s the way
On a proper walkabout.

If you can’t,
Then–don’t pack it in.
Otherwise, we’ll know
Where you’ve been.

So on the way in,
And on the way back
May you only leave
A ghostly track.

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3 Responses to Baskets, Poems and Naturalist…Bill

  1. Lane Batot says:

    The world needs more folks like Bill Alexander; I wonder oif he’s ever considered cloning himself? And I’m ALWAYS absolutely religious about not leaving any sign or trace of my prescence when I’m out enjoying Nature—which is a good idea when yer mostly tresspassing!

  2. The Queen says:

    LOL! Not a bad idea tho…the cloning. My daddy used to tell our boys when we’d go fishing and camping along the Colorado River (NO, we weren’t trespassing as the owner was an old, old, OLD family friend who was thrilled that our boys loved “his” river as much as he did!), “Boys, we don’t leave nothing but footprints. Just footprints.”

  3. Lane Batot says:

    The umbrella skin bit reminded me of a story of when I was going through my “Vampire Phase” as a kid–this was well before the Bigfoot/Sasquatch phase, and after the Werewolf phase(just remember folks, I’ve never suffered from insanity–I enjoy it!) And this was LONG before vampires were considered sexy and cool–I was just considered WEIRD! My homemade costume was quite effective(my Ma always said I was better dressed during my vampire phase than any time before or since), and I made the cape out of old umbrella skins sewn together. When you spread the cape out at the beginning of an attack, it scalloped just like bat’s wings! And if it started raining during a terrorizing outing against the peasants, all you had to do was pull the cape over yer head to be perfectly protected! I did eventually get “staked” by my parents when what turned out to be my last victim(as a vampire) went and hyperventilated(dumb old girl!) and her LIVID parents called my parents about it!

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