Water Darn Near Everywhere by the Possum Laureate


imageHomecoming 2013 at the Christy Mission was again a pure joy to attend. I’d say nearly two-hundred and more made their way to Chapel Hollow throughout the day.   The Open Door church again assisted Larry Myers with set-up, cooking, and music.    And you might recognize that redhead in the middle of everyone (photo).  Yes, the Moonshiner’s Daughter, Lucy Teague Mullinax attended.  There were some relatives and old friends of Larry’s  who he hadn’t seen in a long time.  The sun greeted us with gentle breezes and the rain and rumbling stayed away all morning and afternoon.

Besides food and fun, the main topic amongst most folks was the excessive rainfall.  The newspapers say that Cocke County experienced as much rain from January through early July as they usually get in a calendar year. Cocke County has really taken a hit as water cascades down the mountains and into the coves as well as swelling Big Creek, the Pigeon, and French Broad.


Barbarosa Saloon and Campground, located perilously near the French Broad banks, claims to have lost some deck tables during flash flooding.  Punkton Road, near the eastern end of the Old Fifteenth, washed out, and was still under repair Homecoming weekend.  I took a pic of the raging Big Creek very high and close to Old Fifteenth Road.


Results of all the rain is evident at the mission site, especially if you
want to meander up to the Click cabin site.  The road is nearly covered with kudzu.  I’ve never seen it cover the area to this extent.  I included a couple pics of it.  Yes, there’s a road under there.  Probably critters- most likely snakes – too.  Wayne told us at Homecoming he killed a copperhead the previous day.  It was trying to sneak in his dog pen intent on harming a new litter of pups.  Bravo Wayne.


We learned of water damage of a different nature at Del Rio Elementary. In mid-June, a pipe-fitting failed in their brand-new gym.  It ruined their new floor.  The work was still under warranty, so hopefully it will cover the cost of replacement.   Cary Myers had = said that the new gym is far superior to the high school facility in Newport.

Driving out 107 (O how I hate to leave!) , I noticed the deteriorating
iron gates of what was meant to be a housing development too close to the French Broad for anyone’s good (see photo).  Especially accented with the above-level French Broad behind it.  No takers.  Ever.  No takers in that development below the Mud Hole, either.  Guess even the invading Floridians and half-backs (Yankees who move to Florida, hate it, and then move just half-way back where they came from) are wising up.


A little more than a month has passed since Homecoming, and already I’ve had enough of here.  Heading back down.  Lord willing, I’ll report back to you.

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