Update on Emmy by Marilyn Mitchum

Don, Marilyn and Emmy Woods Hoskins

Emma Wood Hoskins, sister of the late Catherine Marshall, has dealt with changes in health and residence this past year. After falling three times in her apartment (luckily she didn’t break any bones), she spent six days in the hospital recuperating, then was transferred to an excellent rehabilitation facility. She made steady progress but was unable to regain all her strength and mobility.

Emmy and her family decided it was best for her to move into a skilled nursing facility, where she’d continue to get physical therapy and appropriate daily care. For those of you who have made this decision on behalf of a loved one, you know it’s heart-wrenching to close the chapter on a life of independent living. All involved must learn to rely upon others for your loved one’s day-to-day care.

Set atop a wooded hill overlooking an expansive lawn, the nursing home where Emmy lives is five minutes from her daughter’s. Emmy’s room is sunny and pleasant, full of family photos, including two of Evergreen Farm, the Lincoln, Virginia, home Catherine Marshall purchased for her parents after John’s retirement in 1956.

Emmy is using a walker and wheel chair nowadays. With her indomitable spirit and sense of humor, she is adjusting to all these changes as best she can. As she approaches her ninetieth birthday, she feels blessed to be pain-free daily. Her hearing and eyesight are excellent. Emmy enjoyed a fresh garden salad at a nearby Applebee’s with us for an early birthday luncheon. Later that day, my husband and I hosted an impromptu surprise early birthday party, complete with Christy fans from Illinois who’d stopped by to visit Emmy.

We had a wonderful visit which ended all too quickly. As always, I gave my ChristyFest presentation to her for comments and suggestions. She loved it! We looked at wedding photos and reminisced about previous ChristyFests. She sends her greetings and love and so wishes she could still attend ChristyFest.

Emmy’s youngest grandson was married in May. She attended his wedding and was so grateful to her family for their efforts on her behalf. Emmy is awaiting the birth of two more great-grandchildren, bringing her total to four. She’s recently learned that one will be her first great-granddaughter. I bought her a pink and white baby photo frame to have handy!

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